when calling for quote simply give us the year, make and model of vehicle, including the number of doors and the body style.  Most vehicles require molding kit & Urethane kit to install windshield, this will be included in price quote.




  1. Windshield standard replacement
    The standard replacement windshield doesn’t have a rain sensor or any electrical devices controlling it but is possible to have auto dimming rear view mirror ( has plug going to mirror from roof of vehicle) or heated wiper area ( heats up area where wiper are located like a defroster)
  2. Windshield that has a rain-sensor
     The rain sensor is a device that controls your windshield wipers, it will speed them up and down depending on vehicle speed and the amount of rain at the time this is an automatic device. This device is usually located in around the rearview mirror inside the car. ( black box it can be round or square)
  3. Windshield equipped with Lane departure warning The lane departure warning (LDW) module uses the information from the lane detection module, to estimate if the vehicle is about to cross the lane boundary within the next few tenths of a second.  In that case, and if the driver did not signal his intent to switch lanes, a warning is issued. This device usually is seen from outside of the car in the shape of a triangle in the top middle.